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An international pharmacy can save thousands of dollars in annual healthcare costs. While laws prohibit importation of controlled substances like Xanax, Klonopin, or pain medication like oxycodone, non- DEA controlled medications like Viagra can be shipped to your home if the medication is for personal use.

Use the search below to find reviews of overseas pharmacies that ship to the US, with or without prescription. Be aware that the pharmacy you use is registered in the appropriate country. The search will use keywords associated with discount medications. After clicking ‘search’ you will be taken to a new page, with lists of resource links.

Users are cautioned to follow all laws regarding the importation of controlled medications such as pain medications from any pharmacy.


International Pharmacy

International Pharmacy

Medications like Suboxone no prescription

Internet allows access to meds like suboxone no prescription needed. Prescription medications have important roles in modern healthcare, for treating pain, anxiety, depression, and other illnesses. Licensed doctors in overseas pharmacies can provide prescription medications at a significant discount, including Suboxone no prescription.

Get your prescription medications from understanding international pharmacies and licensed US pharmacies at savings of up to 85% off of retail prices, including Suboxone no prescription. Our exclusive directory includes pharmacies that you can trust in the USA, Mexico, Canada, India, Chile, Europe, Asia, and from around the world. They carry all of the hard-to-find medications for personal or animal use.

We provide you with free access to US board certified and licensed doctors who give you a medical consultation and can issue you a legal prescription over the phone or in the comfort of your home or office. Other pharmacies have doctors on staff who will provide you with a free medical consultation over the phone or internet and will issue you a valid prescription in minutes. Thousands of American, Canadian, European, and Asian individuals are purchasing their medications from our international and US based pharmacies daily.

We are not a pharmacy and do not sell medications. What we do is provide you with an exclusive directory of pharmacies and licensed doctors from the US and around the world. The director of evaluations of pharmacies is a board-certified doctor who has spent over 20 years evaluating medicine sources from around the world. Over 150,000 people just like you, have benefited from our services.

Pharmacies sell Xanax without prescriptions

Some international pharmacies sell xanax without prescriptions. The DEA has attempted to close international pharmacies to prevent diversion and abuse of prescription medication. They do not have jurisdiction overseas, but International pharmacies often follow the DEA guidelines, restricting medications to patients, meaning no Xanax without prescriptions.

While many pharmacies that provide medication without need for a prescription have been closed down over recent years, many options remain. The most common sources of medication for those with chronic pain and need for opiates or other controlled substances are companies based in Florida. The usual procedure is for patients to see a doctor one time, either in person or over the telephone, and then to receive prescriptions each month in the mail.

There are also a number of international pharmacies that continue to sell xanax without prescriptions. They are primarily in Canada, India, Mexico, or Thailand. There are web sites that track such pharmacies, that then also tend to get shut down– such as the web site and others with similar names. They provide lists of pharmacies, often for a fee, that provide controlled substances like oxycodone, vicodin, soma, or Xanax, and other medications including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

In all cases, buyer beware. One never knows what actually is contained in that little blue pill– especially when there is no FDA to supervise the distribution. On the other hand, all countries have some local version of the US FDA– although many experts believe that they are vulnerable to corruption.

Medrx-One Internet pharmacies; quality prescription medications

Internet pharmacies provide medication for treating pain, depression, impotence, anxiety, and other conditions. A popular source for medication is Medrx-One Internet Pharmacy.  They are located in a number of countries from all around the world.

They offer a wide selection of popular medications including generic equivalents of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Zithromax and many more. Their online pharmacy is the most reliable medication provider for generic prescription drugs.

Like many internet pharmacies, They sell exact generic equivalents of US FDA approved medications through our licensed overseas pharmacy. All of the products are as effective as any other brand name meds, since they are equally safe and reliable.

Internet pharmacies selling points:

•Low prices
•Discreet packaging
•Fast and free worldwide shipping
•Safe and secure ordering
•Over 800 different drug products in stock
•24×7 customer support
•Fully-licensed pharmacists
•Payment by Credit Cards, Bank Wire, ACH, Western Union, Euro Debit, Money Gram

Try out Internet pharmacies like Medrx-1 for yourself, and enjoy the cost savings experienced by other consumers.  As costs for medications and other forms of healthcare grow, Internet pharmacies are expected to play a larger and larger role.

Some Internet pharmacies have been closed by the US DEA and by other international law agencies.  The web page used to provide listings of internet pharmacies that continued to operate. But the site was closed in early 2012, removing a valuable resource for cost- conscious purchasers.